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About BINZ


Basic Income New Zealand Inc. (BINZ) was formed in May 2015 to promote Basic Income (BI) in New Zealand. BINZ is a non-profit Incorporated Society affiliated with the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), an international organisation. Visit for further information, including their BIEN FAQ for answers to common questions that many people have about Basic Incomes.



A Basic Income is an income granted unconditionally to all citizens, as individuals, without distinctions, means-test, work requirements, claw-backs, or offsets against other income. It is intended to replace most welfare payments, except perhaps those for people with individual special needs.


BINZ was established following Professor Guy Standing’s lectures on “The Precariat” and “A Precariat Charter” during a Humanist and Rationalist conference held in Havelock North.  Professor Standing is a founding member of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), an international organisation established in 1986 with the aim of linking individuals and groups interested in the basic income concept.






Vision, Aim, and Principles


The objective of BINZ is the establishment of Basic Income in New Zealand, that is, an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without a means test or work requirements.

  • BINZ will focus on practical ways of transitioning to a Basic Income, of financing it and operating it.

  • BINZ has no political alliances or biases.

  • BINZ welcomes all proposals for the practical implementation of a Basic Income.


Basic Income New Zealand applies the following guidelines for a well designed Basic Income that complies with the principles of fairness and justice:


  • It is universal, and unconditional with the level based solely on age, or in limited cases on special needs. For example, one rate for children, one for those of working age, and one for superannuants. Special rates may be considered for those with ongoing special needs.

  • It is as simple as possible.

  • It is as fair as possible.

  • It does not preclude the use of other allowances for hardship or exceptional circumstances.

  • It does not reduce the incomes of those who are at present on legitimate and justifiable welfare.

  • The payment structure and method of funding do not increase inequality.

  • The method of funding is as simple as possible.

  • It does not significantly worsen other social problems.

  • It sets no conditions on entitlement.


The BINZ Constitution


The Constitution (pdf, 36kB) describes our aims, structure, and rules.

For any enquiries about the Constitution, please contact the Secretary.

Proposed amendment to the Constitution July 2019

Revised 221019

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