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Hi everyone. BINZ is growing. FAST. Let’s all make basic income HAPPEN.

All the best for the New Year, and welcome to the year of the monkey starting Feb 8.

Like us BINZers, the monkey is smart. It knows its world and ours shouldn’t be limited to peanuts. We’re worth much more. Dignity, a modest income to meet our basic needs and the freedom to play a fulfilling role in society, would be a great start.

Back in the 1960’s most families could eat quite well and own their own homes on a single income. Health and education, and a lot more besides, were free and yet there was relatively little debt.

Sure we lacked stuff; the flash cars, videos, games, computers, flat screen TV’s, air travel and the monkey’s cheap Chinese trinkets we crave after today.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with "stuff".

But more and more stuff is costing us our dignity, independence and self-worth because the link between human work and income is broken. Snapped. Gone forever. A lot of stuff is now made by robots. We can’t buy what they make without selling our souls because we don’t get their incomes.

Robots don’t eat, drink or live in houses. People do. So let’s share the stuff the robots make without making us guilty, dependent and poor.

Let’s have a basic income and make nearly everyone a winner.


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