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Situations Where A UBI Would Benefit NZ'ers

One obvious area to benefit will be what we currently call the Volunteer Sector.

From Encyclopedia of New Zealand,, identifying 2001 Year of the Volunteer shortage -

"Some reasons suggested for the volunteer shortage included seven-day shopping, a longer working week, new occupational safety and health requirements, and the alternative attractions of sport and entertainment. Another possible reason was the growing number of women in the paid workforce".

This is certainly the situation in smaller rural communities, which may suffer depopulation in addition to the above. Travel requirements for participation in most of these things, including volunteering, may also contribute to the shortage, as does lack of disposable income in benefit based local economies; the scarcity syndrome.

The same local communities often have an abundance of real and latent energy, neighbourliness and community spirit, which can remain untapped, 'at home' or even depressed.

If the UBI is sufficient to live on, with tax but no penalties on additional income, I can see all sorts of local services and organisations profoundly benefiting communities. In my local township just some UBI related beneficiaries will be Fire Service, Ambulance, Library, Op Shop, Marae, Church groups, Arts and Culture Groups, Town Hall and other Public Utility Committees, Heritage Groups, Playcentre, School and who knows what new community of interest groups may start up. Arguably, public and private security will improve from more people being around. Participation in local government may increase?

Sometimes negative "Volunteer" and "Professional" distinctions may be reduced?

Some of the possibilities remain yet undreamt; an exciting realm of human growth potential.

And, of course, health and well-being will surely be enhanced.

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