Gill Caradoc-Davies in the Otago Daily Times

Monday, 14 April 2014

Urgent need to alter NZ's wealth

Gill Caradoc-Davies makes the case for a Universal Basic Income and criticises the way the term ''child poverty'' is used.

Words are powerful. The right choice of words can set the context for the desired emotional response in the targeted audience.

Hi everyone.  BINZ is growing. FAST.  Let’s all make basic income HAPPEN.

All the best for the New Year, and welcome to the year of the monkey starting Feb 8.

Like us BINZers, the monkey is smart.  It knows its world and ours shouldn’t be limited to peanuts.  We’re worth much more.  Dignity, a modest income to meet our basic needs and the freedom to play a fulfilling role in society, would be a great...

December 16, 2015

One obvious area to benefit will be what we currently call the Volunteer Sector.

From Encyclopedia of New Zealand,, identifying 2001 Year of the Volunteer shortage -

"Some reasons suggested for the volunteer shortage included seven-day shopping, a longer working week, new occupational safety and health requirements, and the alternative attractions of sport and entertainment. Another possible...

November 24, 2015

As the concept of a Universal Basic Income grows in strength, it would be useful to document specific situations in NZ where the UBI would enhance the lives of people.

Recently there have been two situations which have been punitive in nature. In one instance persons with cancer must continually produce evidence that they are ill in order to continue to receive a benefit. They must also fulfil requirement...

October 14, 2015


Check out the following link to see an interview Karl Matthys did for basic income week!

Do you remember your first encounter with Basic Income?

Has BINZ just been established from a long basic income tradition in New Zealand?

Societal changes are described and Basic Income NZ's next steps!

September 16, 2015

News Feed Courtesy of the Basic Income Earth Network

  • BIEN’s Basic Income Week “Ask Me Anything” Series Begins Tuesday, September 15

    The Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) will host a series of internet events on the website throughout Basic Income Week (September 14-20, 2015). Each event is called an AMA, which stands for “Ask Me Anything.” In each event a person with specialized knowledge...

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